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Isite Z39.50 Software Resources

This directory contains the latest releases of Isite software for use in the Geospatial One-Stop and NSDI Clearinghouse activities. Most UNIX and Windows platforms are supported with compiled binary distributions available below. Software listed that is named "clearinghouse" includes all executable and configuration software required for a fully-compatible Clearinghouse Node. No re-compilation of the software should be required for normal operation from these files.

Current Isite - Version 2.4.0
Geospatial One-Stop compliance can be met with the installation or upgrade to Isite version 2.1.0 or later.
UNIX Download Version Release Date UNIX Instructions
bullet (1K) Linux 2.6.8 3.2.0 2007-09-24 bullet (1K) Installation
bullet (1K) SunOS 5.8 (Berkeley DB 4.0 & earlier) 2.3.0 2005-04-20 bullet (1K) Upgrade
bullet (1K) SunOS 5.8 (Berkeley DB 4.1 & later) 2.3.0 2005-01-26
bullet (1K) SunOS 5.9 3.2 2006-09-12
bullet (1K) FreeBSD 6.0 3.2 2007-04-06
bullet (1K) OpenBSD 3.6 3.2 2007-04-04
bullet (1K) Unix Source Code 3.2 2007-09-24
Windows Download Version Release Date Windows Instructions
bullet (1K) Windows (W95/98/2000/NT/XP) 3.2 2007-09-24 bullet (1K) Installation
bullet (1K) Upgrade
The current version of Isite for Windows does not include a administrative graphical user interface (GUI) at this time. We are currently finalizing the Isite administrative GUI.
Older Isite with GUI - Version 2.07i
NOTE: The Isite 2.07i GUI is still available but no longer supported. Please upgrade to Isite 2.1.0 or later. If you absolutely need a GUI version of Isite, continue to use 2.07i until the GUI is available.
Windows Download Version Release Date Windows Instructions
bullet (1K) Isite GUI (Windows 2000/NT) 2.07i 2003-10-23 bullet (1K) Installation
bullet (1K) Isite GUI (Windows 95/98) 2.07i 2003-10-23 bullet (1K) Upgrade